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fear of dentist

7 Tips on how to defeat the fear of dentist

The fear of dentist

Most people feel fear of dentist or fear at the dentist’s chair. One reason: the fear of pain. Another: If the chair is folded back, you can hardly escape. It is also problematic that you can get every handle, but you can only seldom understand what the doctor is doing in your mouth. Many dentists, therefore, explain every single treatment step. The fear of the dentist is so definite in some people that they do not even go to a dental treatment, even if caries and toothache. In these cases, relaxation techniques can help. If the dentist’s phobia is particularly distinct, an anxiety patient can also demand treatment under general anesthesia.

Three out of four people are afraid of the dentist. More than 40 percent of about 6,000 respondents said that they would postpone their visits until they had complaints. At about every twentieth, anxiety is so strong that it does not even go to the dentist, even in severe pain. As the most frequent cause of fear, the interviewees called bad experiences in their childhood.

For many people, the fear of the dentist is a constant companion. It is not even necessary to have acute sicknesses to allow those affected to sleep before the dentist’s visit . Although dental procedures are usually painless in modern times and the various treatment options are usually performed under local anesthesia, many patients are already experiencing real death at the thought of a dentist’s treatment.

According to a recent survey, between 60% and 80% of the population feel a fearful feeling when the next visit to the dentist is on the appointment calendar. Surprisingly, the survey revealed that 5% of those questioned completely avoided a dentist’s visit due to acute dental phobia, thus deliberately risking their dental health. Even if you have bad teeth and therefore the fear of a treatment at the dentist, a good dentist will not condemn you, but knows exactly that ultimately the panic fear of the dentist is the reason for the bad health of your teeth.


Causes of anxiety in front of dentist

Anxiety before the dentist has not always the same causes. The reasons are different from patient to patient. In many cases, the cause of anxiety is one or more personal experiences that the person concerned has already made during a visit to a dentist. A painful or unpleasant dental treatment from the past, in which the person concerned suffered great pain or felt particularly shaken, can be a possible trigger for dentist phobia.


7 Tips  to defeat the fear of dentist

However, the uncertainty as to whether the particular treatment could lead to pain is the cause of an uncomfortable feeling before the dentist’s visit. This expectation mourned the patient already days before the tooth treatment. When the dentist’s visit has been carried out, the affected person often falls from the heart and one is glad that the dentist has “not bored” or the treatment has been completely painless.


Tip 1: Applying fear to the dentist openly and agree to hand signs

If you are afraid of being speechless during treatment, the following tip can help the person concerned: Do not be shy and talk openly with your dentist about your anxiety.

Make a special hand sign with him, which will stop treatment as soon as you feel pain. You may also experience this in cases where your jaw muscles are very tight or you need a small break. Many dentists have now specialized in anxiety patients and will make the treatment as comfortable as possible.


Tip 2: Exercise relaxation techniques

If you are suffering from a regular dentist phobia, do not be afraid, because here too there are ways to significantly reduce dentistry. Yoga or Autogenic training can help to curb your fear of the dentist.

If the entire cords tear and no relaxation techniques should help, you can ask your dentist for a general anesthesia. In particular, in the case of major interventions, this ensures that you will not be aware of the procedure itself. However, you should talk to your dentist beforehand if you want to take a full anesthesia.


Tip 3: Do not worry about the dentist – everything goes better with music

If you are more likely to suffer from a feeling of oppression during your dental visit, playing your favorite music can help overcome the tense atmosphere. Above all, you will experience a distraction of unpleasant drilling noise when you appear with a mp3 player “armed” at your dentist’s appointment.


Tip 4: Stunning sprays against fear of injections

In some people, the fear of the dentist is limited to the fear of injections. In this case, you can ask your dentist, of course, for anesthetic sprays. The use of such sprays reduces the pain during injection of the syringe to an absolute minimum.


Tip 5: Let the treatment steps be explained

In many cases, people feel helpless on the dentist’s chair. It is not just the fear of possible pain that drives the sweat on the forehead because the dentist’s chair is tilted backward, there is no chance for the patient to escape from the situation.

Particularly problematic are the people concerned that they are aware of every manipulation, but only rarely can understand what the dentist is doing in their mouths. For this reason, you may ask your dentist to tell you each step of treatment. Especially for dentists specializing in anxiety patients, this is a matter of course.


Tip 6: Relaxation techniques can help

Nowadays, some dentists have an additional education as a psychotherapist. These specialized dentists are particularly empathetic and careful in dental treatment and know different strategies to help you take your anxiety off the dentist. Still, other dentists work specifically with fantasy irons. Close your eyes and imagine a green meadow. In your imagination, walk to trees and smell leaves.

Another method to stop a dentist phobia is hypnosis. Ultimately, everyone should decide for themselves which procedure is used for relaxation during the dental visit. Of course, you can talk to your dentist about the possibilities that he can provide you with in a first consultation. In such a preliminary interview, you can also get a first picture of the practice and will surely notice very quickly whether you feel well and in good hands in the hands of the selected dentist.


Tip 7: Look for causes

If your fear of the dentist is particularly definite, behavioral therapy can be promising. It depends on the method and the degree of anxiety before the dentist when first successes in such training are set. As a rule, you will first learn how you can learn to relax by using progressive muscle relaxation.

In the following step, you and your therapist will analyze what is causing you fear of the dentist. Finally, you will train to tackle situations without fear. Then it is time to put what has been learned into practice.

The therapist will be there to assist you if you are directly exposed to your great anxiety * sitting on the dentist’s chair. Such training against a dentist only takes a few weeks but may require up to 30 hours of therapy. In the meantime, special stress management strategies are offered that you can learn at home.

The content of these training sessions is that you will learn different strategies to relax and endure situations that will give you anxiety. After about two weeks of training, you can then start the walk to the dentist.

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