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Health And Hygiene Tips

Health And Hygiene Tips for Women Who Travels A Lot

Health And Hygiene Tips for Women Who Travels A Lot


Your backpacking, journey with all the change of location and climatic conditions can make you as a woman facing greater challenges with regard to your health and hygiene. Likewise, a strenuous trip with a backpack can be a cause of irregularities in your period. If you are predominantly live in wet-hot rice, your menstruation may be more difficult than usual. Here you will find the most important tips on health and hygiene tips for women travels.


Drink a lot to prevent cystitis:

Especially when you are eating warm rice, you should pay particular attention to drink enough! If you take too little liquid to you, then it promotes the development of bladder infections. So drink at least two to three liters of water per day, especially if it is very warm or you move a lot.


Intimate hygiene in women traveling:

Your travel underwear has great influence on your intimate hygiene. You usually put on cotton panties that you should change often and always wash well. Avoid nylon panties or pants made of polyester. If you wear air-tight, that is, little breathable clothing, this favors pilgrimage and vaginal fungus. So you can catch a yeast infection, for example, in dirty sanitary installations – a special risk awaits you in a humid climate. So take care of cleanliness and take whenever possible with every toilet run etc. always use Paper towel, since not everywhere with toilet paper is to be reckoned. Clean your intimate area with clear, lukewarm water and if necessary with a mild soap. Use your previously cleaned hands, as washcloths or sponges – especially when they have been in use for some time – are the place to get sick.

Many women suffer from dysentery disorders – this can be particularly dangerous when traveling. So take care of your health before the journey and equip yourself with a good travel pharmacy kit. Disorders of the vaginal discharge can be promoted by smoking, antibiotics and unilateral diet. Also allergies to ingredients of current intimate cosmetics, cheap underwear made of synthetic tissue or an excessive or low hormone level can cause disturbances. If your immune system is weakened, you are particularly vulnerable to infections.


Period & Travel Period:

Especially if you are traveling longer, you should first think about how you want to manage your period on the trip. If your clothing is mainly made of the popular polypropylene fabrics or you wear tight-fitting underwear made of nylon or artificial fiber materials, caution is required: especially when combined with bandages, skin irritations and an increased bacterial infection risk can occur when you sweat in your panties and it is very hot. In addition, sanitary napkins are in nature or on public toilets; where there are no garbage cans are usually difficult to dispose of.

Your alternatives to sanitary napkins for the trip are tampons or menstruation cups. In most countries, tampons are very difficult to maintain and when changing, there may be poor hygienic conditions. If you take a whole tampon with you on your travels, this can take away valuable space in your backpack. In wet areas or rainy regions, you must also store the tampons in your backpack so that they cannot get wet. Many women travel on a menstrual cup during their period.


Infection risks in women traveling:

For unprotected sexual contacts, you have a higher risk of infections than a man. Through the mother’s mouth and your uterus, dangerous pathogens can penetrate directly into your body. If your defenses are already attacked by rice stress or climate change, the risk of infection is even higher.

Sexually transmitted infections are usually not recognizable for women, since the symptoms usually act without pain inside the female body. However, the infections can be dangerous and disastrous. There can be ejaculation and abdominal inflammation, the resulting scarring can lead to infertility or elect swelling. Vaginal infections which are difficult to cure are also sexually transmitted.


Besides this health and hygiene tips, you need to be physically fit and strong also. If you want to loose weight you might like this too : Three Reasons Why You Should Lose Weight .


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