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how to keep your teeth healthy

How To Keep Your Teeth Healthy


Tips to keep your teeth healthy


People try many things to maintain their good looks. Beautiful, regular and healthy teeth are your business card. A radiant smile evokes sympathy. The misalignment of teeth often affects the debate, almost always the self-confidence of the person concerned. So the question is how to keep your teeth healthy”?  Here I’m going to explain how your teeth stay beautiful and healthy:


Brushing properly

“After eating brushing” – as it was long. This advice is now outdated: According to dentists, it is sufficient if you brush your teeth every morning and evening for two minutes but you have to brush your teeth properly. Who brushes often can otherwise namely quickly erode the protective enamel. To protect it, you should also wait after eating acidic drinks or foods (such as fruit) half to one hour with the brushing. As long as it takes until the softened by the acid enamel has hardened again. Here we have incidentally tested tooth whitening at home.You should always be aware or concern about how to keep your teeth healthy.


Clean Softly

Most people express when brushing too hard with the toothbrush on and thus damage the enamel. To prevent this from happening: Hold the brush with three fingers like a pencil – so the pressure does automatically. Alternatively, you can use an electric toothbrush (such as of “Oral B”), which will warn you when you are pressing too hard.


Use toothpaste with fluoride

Nothing protects our teeth more effective against caries than fluoride compounds in toothpaste. They support the demineralization of tooth enamel and make it more resistant to acid attacks. In addition, the fluoride interferes with the metabolism of caries bacteria and makes them so hard time.


Clean the inter dental spaces

Who never used dental floss, never cleans 30 percent of the tooth surface. Therefore, dentists advise to daily care cavity. In closely spaced teeth flossing helps best, the one from below is moved along the sides of the teeth upwards. For larger spaces to inter-dental brushes offer. This one pushes the tooth space carefully horizontally back and forth.


Clean Professionally

In every year you should make an appointment for a professional tooth cleaning at your dentist. Here stubborn deposits and stains are removed, polished teeth and fluoridated. Thereafter, the teeth not only look whiter and feel smoother; bacteria slip then faster at them from below, the tooth thus harmless.


Treat gum problems

Bleeding gums are not harmless: It always has an inflammation, such as Periodontitis, out. The latter is from 40 years the most common cause of tooth loss. Gentle gum problems patch with sage containing toothpaste (as “Salvia Galen”). Stronger inflammation gets the doctor in the handle, by cleaning the gingival pockets with fine instruments, ultrasound or lasers.


Chewing gum

If you nibble or drinking something sweet, you should afterward chew sugarless gum, as the American Society Conservative Dentistry recommends. It stimulates the flow of saliva, which in turn neutralizes the sugar acids, washing away food particles and the tooth enamel demineralize. And so the tooth keeps you healthy!


Some mom advice is not always good

Who does not know from childhood the well-intentioned advice of moms as “brush with pressure” however, dentists warn: Too much pressure with a toothbrush or hard bristles damage the enamel and damaging the gums. The result: Excavated enamel is gone and stays away. Even the gums retire slowly and put the tooth necks free. This decay has an easy time.


Maintaining teeth

To maintain the teeth properly, fluoridated toothpaste is important. It strengthens the tooth enamel and protects the teeth from decay. It becomes critical only if the sandpaper effect of toothpaste is too high. Indications are the so-called RDA value, which should be at a mean value of 70 According to Doctors. This information is not printed on each tube of toothpaste. In toothpaste with a high RDA value, such as designated products against tartar, leave little grinding a sandy mouthful arise. People with receding gums should, therefore, pay attention to products with the addition of “Sensitive”, as is reduced in this abrasion of the tooth structure. Mouthwashes bringing the opinion of the experts usually not much except the specifically prescribed by the dentist concentrate. Effective contrast it to spit out the toothpaste foam after cleaning, do not rinse is.


Pay attention to the brush head

But which brush head is right? The head of the toothbrush should not be greater than two and a half centimeters and the width does not exceed three or four rows of bristles. A sturdy handle is important because it can lead to gum injury if you slip off with the brush. Toothbrushes with different grip thickness can find in the dentifrice particularly older people. Parents should make sure that their children use special children’s toothbrushes. Important: The toothbrush should be stored open so that the brush head can  dry.


Advice on dental hygiene

Experts recommend brushing twice a day the teeth. However, brushing alone is not enough, because the brush cleans only the exterior and interior surfaces of the teeth and does not reach the inter-dental spaces. Are formed coverings, can cause inflammation. To keep the teeth healthy, it is recommended that in addition to clean the spaces once a day. Most of the dentists advised: “For the inter-dental care in adults and older inter dental brushes are suitable.” Younger people the expert recommends to use dental floss. Dental gum can support the care.


Combat acid attack

Immediately after eating acidic foods and beverages such as fruit juices, too early for brushing teeth is harmful. “The enamel is attacked by acid and while brushing the leached minerals from the enamel surface to be removed,” Doctors suggest. It is advisable, therefore, at least half an hour, better wait one hour, before one reaches back to the toothbrush.

So these are the ultimate tips on how to keep your teeth healthy,  maintain it, keep smiling ,cheers !!!


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