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lip care tips

17 easy and effective lip care tips for girls

Lip care tips for girls


With lots of color and gloss, women like to emphasize their lips. But they need above all a lot of care, in order to remain beautifully soft, tender and also wrinkle-free in old age. Did you know that you are doing around 15,000 movements with your mouth every day? Wow – quite a lot! Kissing, laughing and pouting are just a few things you can do with your lips! But: If the lips are rough, every smile will be a pain. And when you flirt, there is nothing more disturbing. So how do you get beautiful lips? Here you will find out the magic lip care tips for you.


The lips are very thin

Lips need a special care because they are exposed to the UV radiation in the open air always. Many women and men also suffer from brittle lips, so that a good care is indispensable. You need to know that the lip skin is very thin compared with the skin in the rest of the face. Therefore, it is not surprising that she is also very sensitive. Especially the cold season makes our lips strong, because in the winter they are not only frequently exposed to the cold, but they also have to change from cold to warm and are exposed to the heating air, which leads to easier drying. This is why, especially in winter, you must ensure that your lips are regularly moisturized.


What care products are the right ones?


There are a wide range of lip care products on the market, which is the right thing to do, and you have to find your own needs and the condition of your lips. We’ve put together a few tips for you to help you keep your lips healthy or even to heal. So here are our tips for a perfect lip care.


17  Lip care tips for girls


Daily care:

In principle, you can always apply milking fat, marigold ointment or Vaseline to your lips. This keeps your lips smooth and supple. In addition, you can prevent your lips from drying out and become rough and chapped accordingly.


Lips overnight:

Before you go to sleep you should also give a fatty care to the lips, because during the sleep regenerates the skin best.



Whatever your lips are doing is honey, you can simply put it between your lips once and for all because it tastes not only good, but also has a healing and nourishing effect.



What also makes the lips very good is a facial steam bath. Three to four times a week you can make a chamomile steam bath. Just add a few chamomile flowers in a bowl of hot water. Let the whole thing be briefly briefed and breathe the soothing fumes with a towel over your head. Five to ten minutes are enough.


Apply lipstick:

Before you apply a lipstick, you should always apply some cream or Vaseline to your lips. This makes them very supple, because cracks and irregularities are smoothed. Cream your lips before, and then the lipstick will last much longer.


Open, chapped lips:

In the case of open, chapped lips you should prefer to get a product from the pharmacy, because the main focus is on the healing effect and less on the cosmetic benefits. You can make something like a lip care stick for dry lips but also yourself. For this you need 5 grams of wax, 5 grams of cocoa butter and 10 grams of almond oil. Put everything in a bowl. Then you must heat the ingredients in a water bath. Stir the ingredients together and place in a pan. Allow to cool, done!


High sensitivity:

If you have very sensitive lips, you should refrain from lip care gels and balsams with fragrance also the addition of mint irritates the sensitive lips more often.

Lips are very sensitive, as external mucous membranes they are extremely vulnerable to environmental influences such as heat and cold. They do not have sebaceous glands and do not have their own fat-water film or solidifying keratin. In addition to heat and cold, the diet and the aging also affect the lips. From the age of about 40 years, the collagen content, which tightens the lips and gives them fullness, decreases annually. As a result, the lips soften as much as the rest of the skin on the body.


Proper care:

They must supply their lips with moisture. But be careful: to drive your lips constantly over the lips, this dries only further. Access a lip care stick and use it regularly. It regulates the moisture content of the lips, smoothest them and makes them soft and supple. There are also special products that keep the collagen content stable even in old age. Avoid chewing on your lips – no matter how nervous you are. It does not help you to become calmer and also hurt your lips and provide germs with an attack surface.


Rough lips:

If your lips are rough, you can make a kind of peeling using a clean toothbrush and massage the lips slightly with it. Thus, dead skin cells are removed and, at the same time, the blood circulation is stimulated, and then immediately applies a care product. The effect: The brush peels the lips, they become quite delicate!

Get a wholly soft toothbrush or a face massage brush in the drugstore. It does not have to be an expensive branded product – it is important that the bristles of the brush are really soft.

How it works: Moisten the brush with warm water and gently brush over the lips. Do not press firmly and try to move the brush circularly! One minute is enough.


A mask for beautiful lips!

Masks are great for the skin in the face: you can clean, refresh or maintain – and always very intensively! Did you know that you can give your lips a mask? In the shop you will not find them – but you can make them easy and cheap!

The recipe: Mix a teaspoon of curd with a teaspoon of honey, carry it thickly and leave it for 10 minutes. Comes after a brush massage super – and tastes also still delicious! But above all, it is quite natural and contains the active ingredients of nature.


Lip-licking rather leave completely!

If the lips are dry, you will often get caught with your tongue. Unfortunately, this does not help at all. On the contrary, lips need fat to stay supple. Saliva dries only more!

Therefore, the lip-licking rather leave completely! As you keep your lips smooth on the way, our tips will show you how!


Using Lip Balm :

A lip care stick simply belongs to your pocket. Whether you’re going to school, a party, or your girlfriend, go to town: If you have one of the handy sticks, you can keep your lips tender on the way! The lips are therefore not “dependent” from the fat stick and dry without not even faster.

So if you have the need for nursing lips, reach the nursing home with a clear conscience!

Important: Always use a special skin care product: skin cream, hand cream or similar. All are not suitable for sensitive lips. These contain completely different care substances – such as, for example, moisture rather than fats!


Sun protection: In the summer, very important for beautiful lips!

In the summer at the beach and in the winter in the mountains, lip care is mandatory with sun protection factor.

Even in the summer you must not neglect your lips, so good sun protection is important. There are special lip care pads, which contain a high UV filter, in this way your lips are optimally protected in the summer. The sensitive lips as well as the whole skin must be protected against UV radiation. Special lip care sticks with sun protection factor are available in every drugstore. Remember that you are exposed to high sunshine not only on the beach, but also on a ski holiday. Here you have to protect your lips particularly strongly. Because, unlike the rest of the skin, the lips cannot protect themselves from the sun by browning – without protection they get a sunglasses of the very best kind!

Caution: A normal sun cream is not good on the lips as it was created for the care and protection of the face skin. So you can have a care stick with the highest possible light protection factor!


Natural red is the most beautiful!

Lips appear red because their special skin makes the blood flowed through the skin. The skin of the lips is therefore different from the face skin, which is just more “skin color” than red!

If you massage the lips, the blood flow and they become beautifully rosy. This always looks quite natural during the day!

Extra tip: To do this, you do not always have to have your massage brush: If you tapping your lips with your finger or gently rub them, the same great effect!


Dry air – a big problem!

Especially in winter, the air is super dry in enclosed areas; Also air conditioning (for example in the car) dehumidifies the air. Okay – in school and in other public buildings you cannot do much. There helps you the lip balm, to keep your lips always beautifully tender!

At home, however, you can put a bowl of water on the heating: the water evaporates and increases the humidity. The lips are not so dry!


Color or care for beautiful lips:

Previously, there was one thing in lip sticks: color! Today, all manufacturers are mixing nourishing substances. If you wear a lipstick, you also do something for the softness of your lips.

Even more nourishing ingredients contain gloss. Here the soft color and the gentle care keep the scales – looks good and makes better! The best for the lips are, of course, the pure fragrance, since they totally put on tenderness and “repair”!


Blisters? You need to see a doctor:

The fact that the lips occasionally dribble or tear is not very bad – that is often because you do not care intensively enough. If your lips are tearing, then you should do something about it with a nursing stick!

Important: Do you have but bubbles on the lip, which are rather nasty itching and spreading more and more, could be the herpes. Let’s see a doctor on it!


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