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Why pretty white teeth is important to become attractive

Natural pretty white teeth

Now-a-days well-groomed and pretty white teeth are the business card of every human being! Beautiful teeth are today associated with the terms attractiveness, success, health, youth, sexuality and have a high place in social acceptance. That is why the desire for a perfect appearance in smile and laughter is strongly developed.

We live in a world of economic, social and sexual competition, and in such a time you cannot blame anyone that he is looking for an appreciation of his personality.

The word “aesthetics” comes from the Greek “aisthánestai” and means “perceive through the senses”. Aesthetics is at first only a concept with which one associates at first only a subjective evaluation possibility, but there are nevertheless quite clear criteria and laws according to which each person classifies optical impressions more or less aesthetically. Plato and Pythagoras were already thinking about beauty and aesthetics. They found a formula for the ideal beautiful proportion, which was a common thread throughout the art and is still known as the so-called “golden section” in painting and photography.


Real life story :


From a close distance, everyone looks briefly into the eye, but immediately unconsciously on the mouth, the lips and the teeth. The search for the perfect beauty and the optimization of the appearance can certainly be considered differentiated and should not end in an addiction for endless aesthetic corrections, but a disparaging assessment in this respect is also inappropriate. In a socially, economically and sexually competitive world, the desire for greater attractiveness should not be dismissed as mere vanity.

The term “aesthetics” is associated with different associations in every human being and is individually felt differently. Nevertheless, there are demonstrable laws which psychologists have intensively dealt with. A youthful tooth still has a slightly rounded incisal edge, while the tooth of the elderly patient is often just abraded and appears to be older. Feminine teeth are more associated with round shapes than with angular ones. In nature, the strong living beings have pronounced canines and also make a corresponding impression in humans.

Within the scope of the necessary shape changes on teeth or on the entire arch, we recommend the previous simulation of the desired final result for some time. Thus, it is possible to test the modified functional movement pattern in advance of a definitive therapy and also to better assess the aesthetic changes. We believe that simulations performed on the computer have only a conditional significance and are therefore largely unsuitable. The direct simulation in the mouth is the preference.

In some cases, “the tooth of time” leaves very clear traces and leads to a massive abrasion and loss of the natural tooth substance. According to a so-called functional analysis, a necessary lengthening of the entire front is often necessary, which, in addition to functional restoration, also entails a substantial aesthetic improvement.

In the context of such a comprehensive restorative therapy, the missing functional surfaces can be restored with ceramic partial crowns (so-called veneers) or even with greater complexity with ceramic crowns, in order to achieve a substantial improvement in the overall aesthetic impression.

The perception of the beautiful, which is anything but a question of personal taste, requires the formation or formation and shaping of the senses of beauty in order to produce personal sensations according to the objective criteria. Even among the Greeks, the deep-rooted respect for beauty as a basic measure of perfection and the measure of the divine must not be underestimated or associated with human vanity when it comes to certain perfection in man himself find. Throughout Western thought, the entire philosophical striving for knowledge revolves around beauty.


Success factor – beautiful teeth

Plain white teeth are supposed to help more success in the job and in the love. No wonder many people want to help nature. However, in the market of dentistry, there are some risky methods.

Beautiful teeth symbolize not only youth and health. Studies indicate that a perfect dentition can also be involved in career chances and is particularly attractive to the opposite sex. For example, a study by Kings College in London concluded that people with uniform, white teeth are classified as more intelligent, popular and attractive than those with oblique and discolored. Another study confirms in a similar comparison how important it is that the tooth color is as white as possible (Loma Linda University California).


Better be treated by the professional

But blindingly white and regular teeth are not given to most by nature. Bleaching from inside and outside (bleaching) or veneers can compensate for this blemish. From the dentist, however, they have their price. Cheap solutions – for example bleaching from the discounter – are usually not advisable, since they can go to the substance to the substance. Anyone who wants to smile more long-term and also with a low risk should be better advised for a treatment that lists the addition.


Beauty at any cost

Every Hollywood smile today is bright white and flawless straight teeth. So it is obvious and can not be denied that beautiful smile with pretty white teeth is the main part of beauty. Thatswhy for your beauty concern concentrate on your oral health and dental hygiene


What price do we pay for the flawlessness of our teeth?


Well, aesthetic dentistry costs money. And these are mostly benefits, which the statutory health insurance does not carry and the private under certain circumstances also not. But it seems too many people worth it. If you look at tooth-enhancing measures, does it go without loss? Take, for example, Veneers. Before gluing, a part of the tooth substance is removed.

Porcelain veneers are ultra-thin ceramic shells, which are attached to the tooth surface with a special adhesive. They are only minimally invasive for the teeth in the ideal case and only melt with the sacrifice of a few tenths of a millimeter. With the modern veneer techniques, one can sometimes even work without ablation. In the case of a crown, this looks quite different, since only a cone-like stump remains from the tooth after sanding. This is actually only little to no invasive. This is done with oxidizing agents which destroy the dyestuffs stored in the enamel so that the enamel looks white. Optimal for the melt is not. But it also does not cause serious damage.

Clearly, in home bleaching, the treatment is not under the control of someone who is familiar with it. In the case of incorrect application, this can cause damage. But home bleaching does not have to be more invasive or harmful.


What measures would you take into account?


I would be cautious in all measures, where a lot of tooth substance is sacrificed. The strategy of correcting the tooth position is in the case of crooked teeth by overcrowding or viciously shaped veneers. In doing so, either the shape of the teeth is greatly altered, or much tooth substance is sacrificed – sometimes even both. In doing so, margins are easily exceeded if one wants to eliminate crowds of the front teeth in this way. This is one thing that is simply too invasive, too expensive and ultimately a disadvantageous form of care.


You can eliminate cracks orthodontically, which is not invasive, the tooth substance remains fully preserved and tooth anatomy also. In the case of an over crush, late successions may occur, because in the case of teeth thus treated, the nerve will often die afterward and a root treatment then has to be made.


Perhaps that is a question of age. Previously, up until about 30 years ago, caries in children was a matter of course. And later in the adults, the gap-bite, that is the destroyed bit. Today, it is quite normal that there are whole classes of twelve-year-olds, most of whom are caries-free. Today, young people have the chance to look sensible with a good care. That is why the question no longer poses the question whether prosperity is recognized by the teeth.


6 tips & tricks for bright white teeth

What do we most envy Hollywood stars like Jessica Alba? Of course, her radiant smile – and her envious white teeth! It does not necessarily have expensive teeth whitening, i.e. bleaching, testing or even veneers at the dentist. Even these six super easy tricks ensure whiter teeth – without having to invest a lot of money.

  • White teeth? New nutritional wisdom

Extremely white teeth begin to eat. Please do not experiment with lemon or baking soda! Both of these factors are so important for tooth-melting that discoloration is even more rapid. Better and still seasonal: strawberries as a small tooth peeling between. Delicious!


  • Smart Drinking – so you protect your tooth color

Red wine and coffee. That this two of a kind is unhealthy, we know. It also makes the teeth nasty yellow! So better avoid completely. If you cannot do without this, you can use the toothbrush or at least the chewing gum. And drink all acidic drinks, like the Cold Pressed Juice, best with straw.


  • Teeth sound

Cleaning is mandatory. Clear! But for white teeth, it needs the full cleaning program. Clean teeth at least three times a day, in the best case after every snack. Use effectively and gently at the same time with a sound toothbrush with up to 30,000 vibrations per minute.


  • Whiter teeth, thanks to good tooth cleaning

Hand on the heart? Who uses his dental floss really once or twice a day? But you should. For it is above all the food residues between the teeth, which mutate to ugly tartar at the tooth margin and finally dark shadows cast on the whole tooth. From now on easy to pull! And then do not forget the mouthwash.


  • Fake it ’till you make it! – Clothes that conjure up white teeth




As long as the teeth are not too white, we can trick with outfit and make-up. The styling secret: dark colors, for example, the trend color Marsala. The teeth are automatically brighter in contrast. And in matters of lip creams: Choose lipstick with blue fern. This makes the teeth look less yellowish. And anyway pink or Magenta looks great in the summer.


  • White teeth like Jessica Alba: oil pull!


jessica alba





So, Jessica Alba is supposed to do it like this: She rinses, an old Ayurveda trick, regularly her mouth with oil. The so-called “oil pulling” leaves a protective film on the teeth, which binds germs and bacteria and thus prevents periodontal disease and stains on the teeth. Allow at least 15 minutes in the mouth, pull through the teeth and then spit out. With coconut oil, it does not taste so bad.

The so-called “whitening”, i.e. lightening with hydrogen peroxide as a bleaching agent, is more successful and, above all, more gentle for teeth and gums. “Before, however, it is absolutely essential to check the teeth whether the teeth are externally or internally discolored or whether there are dentures or fillings which cannot be bleached.” Even tooth whitening or gum disease could cause problems during bleaching.


Depending on the type and extent of the discoloration, various possibilities of bleaching are available. In the so-called “home bleaching”, in practice, impressions are taken from the tooth rows to be bleached and individual rails are adapted which can receive the bleaching gel several times over several hours, for example overnight.

Office Bleaching takes place in practice. This is why we can work with higher concentrations. This method is particularly suitable for individual discolored teeth. Internal discoloration, for example, because blood has penetrated into the bones, can lighten the dentist by a suitable medicine, which he gives into the Toothinnere. The desired result is usually reached after a week. The bleach is then removed and the tooth revealed. The costs for whitening treatments range from 250 to 1000 euros. Health insurance does not participate.


More tips for whiter teeth:

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