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dental deep cleaning

Why you should consider professional dental deep cleaning?

What is a professional dental deep cleaning?

Professional dental deep cleaning is an intensive dental care, which is carried out by the dentist. It is often also associated with the term “dental prophylaxis”. The professional cleaning of the teeth at the dentist takes place in several steps and with special equipment, which allows a more thorough cleaning than the home dental care.


Why is it so important?

  1. For health

With the home dental care one reaches many, but by far not all tooth surfaces. Especially in the inter dental spaces and on the posterior teeth, a perfect dental care with the toothbrush, dental floss and mouthwash are extremely difficult. Even in the case of practiced persons, there is, therefore, Food particles left in many tooth areas. These food particles solidify with time on the tooth and offer attack possibilities for tooth-damaging bacteria. Solidified floor coverings can then no longer be removed using normal toothpaste technology at home. Today, it is known that these are the most recurrent dental plaques that cause caries not only for months and years but also for the periodontal development and periodontal disease. A few years ago this connection was not as well-known as it is today. Patients reported that they had very good teeth all their lives, and then suddenly, within a few years, the gums went down (the teeth seemed to be “longer”), and the teeth began to wiggle until eventually they were lost. Nowadays, it is known that this is not a sudden event, but the result of the fact that solid dental plaques on hard-to-reach tooth surfaces have not been removed for years. For years the gums have slowly withdrawn. With regular professional cleaning, the formation of such dental plaque can be prevented or removed. Thus, the gums can breathe again and a special form of oral health can be produced.


  1. For beauty

Professional dental deep cleaning also has a special effect on the appearance of the teeth. A professional tooth cleaning makes the teeth appear again in cleaned and white-radiated condition. The effect can be explained as follows: In the course of time, different dyes accumulate on the teeth. These dyes are found in many foods. This causes discoloration on the teeth, which can often be seen with the naked eye. At the same time, however, a kind of dark or yellow veil also lies over the teeth. Most of them do not see themselves because it is a process for months and years and the original image of his teeth is no longer in front. Even a perfect home dental care cannot prevent that discoloration and such a veil form. Professional tooth cleaning removes the stains and the veil by means of certain polishing methods. This is done without damaging the tooth. In this way, the teeth get a new shine.


What can be done in terms of dental deep cleaning?


  1. Procedure

In the all reputed dental center, Professional Cleaning is performed according to a defined procedure. This process is based on the latest scientific recommendations and is also recommended by professional dentists. You should check this procedure before you step forward to deep clean.

The steps are in detail:

  • Clarification of the individual questions
  • Oral hygiene advice
  • Mouthwash with special fluid
  • Photos of different tooth surface in survival for common viewing
  • Measurement of various measured values for the determination of the current state
  • Thorough removal of all teeth with special equipment
  • Use “Airflow” if required and desired
  • Polish in up to three steps (depending on requirements)
  • Cleaning the inter dental spaces
  • Tongue cleaning and disinfection
  • Fluoridation of the teeth
  • Conversation with individual recommendations
  • Control by dentist

Note the use of airflow: In the airflow process, the tooth surfaces are cleaned using small plastic balls which are used with high air / water pressure. Airflow is only recommended for certain, very stubborn discolorations and is therefore not used in principle. In some cases, the use of airflow must be avoided.


  1. Specialists

The professional cleaning of the teeth is not a treatment that can only be carried out by specialists. This is why, in part, cosmetics studios also offer these. However, it is advisable to have them trained only by trained personnel in order to avoid injury to the tooth substance or to the gum and to achieve the desired benefit, professional dental cleaning is carried out exclusively by trained specialists and always supervised by dentists. The specialists are trained dental specialists and have completed a special training for professional tooth cleaning.


  1. Duration

The professional cleaning of the teeth takes about 60 minutes from start to finish, whereby the duration depends on the individual case. Decisive is the number of food particles and discoloration as well as the temporal distance to the last professional cleaning.


Frequently asked questions:

Is the professional cleaning of the teeth associated with pain?

Professional tooth cleaning is not a dental treatment in the actual sense. It does not injure either teeth or gums and therefore does not cause any pain. For these reasons no anesthesia is necessary. It is possible to feel a slight scratching on the tooth or a tickling of the toothbrush through the use of the polishing brushes.

How often do I need professional cleaning?

The frequency of professional tooth cleaning depends on individual circumstances. It is recommended twice a year for healthy teeth and gums. If periodentosis is present, certain general diseases or deposits are newly formed very quickly due to individual circumstances, a distance of three months or eight weeks is recommended.

What should I do after a professional cleaning?

After professional tooth cleaning, the tooth surfaces are particularly prone to new discolorations for a few hours. Dentists, therefore, recommend the following measures:

  • Do not eat an hour and drink only water
  • Eight hours do not smoke
  • Do not take any coloring foods (coffee, tea, wine, coke, carrots etc.)

What is tooth whitening?

The bleaching should be considered separate from the professional cleaning and should not be done together with this. Dental deep cleaning removes discoloration and the veil on the teeth. Bleaching causes discoloration in the teeth. Bleaching cannot be done in all cases and requires an accurate preliminary examination. Dentists would be happy to advise you on the professional cleaning of the teeth, whether bleaching is possible and useful for you.

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Professional tooth cleaning cost?

The costs for a professional cleaning are based on the individual effort and the degree of insurance. Normally in average the prices are very moderate, despite the high-quality range of services. Details can be found in the individual price list. In the case of insured persons legally, the funds did not bear any costs. In the meantime, however, more and more statutory health insurance funds have been subsidized by.


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