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tips for white teeth

Tips For White Teeth

Most authentic tips for white teeth

There are some effective tips for white teeth. Mostly the organic remedies are the best option for white teeth. After every meal there is a certain covering, consisting of food debris, saliva and bacteria back on our teeth. We brush our teeth not the same, so it can accumulate there and forms after some time tartar. And it is this plaque and tartar lead sooner or later to tooth discoloration. White teeth are now just the ideal of beauty as flowing hair or a steeled body. To help nature on the jumps, there are different methods.


Where the hype comes to white teeth?

White teeth are the hallmark of Hollywood stars and exact gleaming white smile like many patients like to have, no matter whether it be cheesy or not. It is important to ensure that the teeth whitening are in line with the white of the eye to effect a harmonious impression. Take time out when you look someone in the eyes or on the teeth.


White teeth or healthy teeth ?

The tooth color is not directly related to their health. Well-maintained teeth, which are free from unsightly discolorations, appear, in principle, fresher and brighter. Then, when in the summer the skin is slightly browned, this impression is reinforced. Basically, however, the oral care and overall health closely linked; after all, the mouth with poor hygiene can also become a portal of entry for harmful bacteria in the body.


Why are the teeth become discolored over the years?

The enamel becomes thinner over the years and the darker inner tooth layers emerge stronger. Also color pigments of nicotine, red wine, coffee or tea accumulate over the years in the enamel and stain teeth yellow. With regular and good dental care, this process can also be counteracted.


What do you think of natural methods for whitening teeth, such as milk or strawberry puree?

From home remedies such as ash, baking soda or lemon juice for whitening the teeth is not to be recommended, as these damage the tooth structure by its scouring action and acid or unnecessary wear out strong, which then can even lead to an opposite effect. Toothpastes users, make sure that these gently cleanse and contain especially fluoride.


What methods help whiten teeth and which in these cases should be considered?

Regular tips for white teeth can be a way of professional tooth cleaning, which can bring visible improvements by the removal of coffee, tea or smoking policy subject. A simple way for brighter teeth are new innovations, such as the new app by Oral-B, which is connected to the electric Oral-B Smart Series toothbrush and are cleaning instructions for whitening the teeth. So do you actually know how to brush your teeth properly ?

In professional whitening teeth (so-called whitening) the bleaching agent penetrates into the superficial layer of the teeth splits the color pigments, whereby the tooth appears brighter. The effect basically depends on the method of administration.

With severely discolored teeth several treatments may be necessary until the desired brightness level is reached. Existing fillings and crowns can not bleach it. Your teeth and gums should be healthy before you perform whitening. It is important that professional advice to determine the appropriate method.

Of course, whitening helps the dentist.  And although a Bleaching is now affordable, it is by no means for everyone, which is why we even have clever made, what has instead to offer nature. Here are a few alternatives:


Weekly brushing with saline

Saline can be found in every household and it is very low cost. Take a wet toothbrush (preferably a soft brush) sprinkle with a little salt and brush gently but do not brush with too much pressure. But beware, because the salt has real negative sandpaper and thus permanently added to the tooth enamel, these applications might actually recommends weekly only after the “red night” or even.


Lemon Mouthwash

Everyone knows about the lemon mouthwash, which can be prepared with fresh lemons  because lemon juice has a bleaching effect. For this, the teeth should be simply washed around three minutes with the expressed juice of a lemon.


Coconut oil

What helps in Asia, should also help in Europe! Just a little Organic coconut oil (refrigerate it, so that it could hard) give it in to toothpaste and brush as usual.

There are however, some points that you should consider:

  • Avoid heavily on foods that contain coloring agents and thus stains and discolorations cause: tea, coffee, red wine, cola, fruit juice, soft drinks, etc.
  • Restrict tobacco smoker or do not use fully to stop smoking. The nicotine in tobacco causes discoloration on the teeth.
  • Brush after each main meal. At best, in between and after each sweet snack.
  • Chew sugarless gum if a time comes like not having a toothbrush near. This action removes even the coarsest food scraps and stimulates the production of saliva. The mouth saliva is an important protection system for the teeth.
  • Use during brushing additionally dental floss to clean the spaces between teeth and remove plaque (plaque) as well as possible.
  • Visit two times per year, the dental hygienist to perform a professional cleaning and to remove tartar. Tartar can not be removed with brushing only.
  • After brushing, use a mouthwash. This removes plaque and protects against the formation. The best would be a mouthwash that additionally still contains active brighteners.
  • Use whitening toothpaste, but which nevertheless contains a value of 1450 ppm fluoride to strengthen teeth daily.
  • Use whitening toothpaste that contains, at best, and even pyrophosphates. These prevent the adhesion and formation of deposits / plaques.

Good dental hygiene is the first step to beautiful teeth. Enjoy smiling, Keep smiling.

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